Meet Our Pastor
Pastor & Mrs. Michael S. Fillmer

Hello. This is Pastor Fillmer, and I’m glad you are interested in Heritage Family Church. I want to use this opportunity to introduce myself and share our background.


I became Pastor of Heritage Family Church in July 2017. My family and I had been attending the First Pentecostal Church of Bryan for just over six years before being elected. Pastor Brian Jones, who is still my pastor today, was a spiritual role model and mentor. As pastor of HFC, I often find myself looking to his pastoral example, quoting his teaching, and seeking his guidance in important matters.

I am originally from California, where I experienced the New Birth in the revivals of Modesto with Pastor Randy Keyes in 1992. Uncle Sam moved me to North Carolina, where I was stationed at Fort Bragg as an Airborne Combat Medic. This is where I was discipled under the ministry of Pastor Jesse Williams in Fayetteville. While stationed here, I also met my precious wife, Kelly.

Ministry Experience

Between 1997 and 2008, we moved back and forth between Modesto and Fayetteville – teaching in a Christian high school, doing missions work in El Salvador, assisting Pastor Williams in Fayetteville, and starting a Home Missions church in Concord, North Carolina. All these experiences began a sequence of life-changing moves, meaningful relationships, and valuable lessons. All of which has uniquely prepared us for what we believe God has called us to do at Heritage Family Church in Katy.

Along the journey, I completed my Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Science in Accounting. I also passed the CPA exams and am employed as a Division Controller at NCR Corporation. Ultimately, I am an Apostolic minister who works as a CPA while we passionately pursue revival in our local assembly. We sincerely want you to be a part of what God is doing at Heritage Family.

Please Join Us

Currently, we are eagerly teaching personal Bible Studies, and reaching out to our surrounding neighbors. We want to welcome them to worship with us. I would like to personally welcome you to join my family in worship this Sunday. You will find that our church is friendly, the relationships are personal, the prayer and praise are sincere and passionate, the preaching is Biblical, and the experience is powerful!

Now that you know a little about us, we would love to get to know you. Feel free to send me a note to introduce yourself or get additional information about our church.

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